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Workshop Overview

Oxide Dispersion Strengthened (ODS) alloys have excellent potential for use in next-generation high-temperature applications where superior creep strength and oxidation resistance is required compared to precipitation strengthened alloys. The aim of this workshop on ODS alloys is to create a technical and engineering forum to exchange information between potential users, previous and current suppliers, component manufacturers, and R&D leaders; and is intended to promote commercial and end user interest in application of ODS alloys e.g. within the fossil energy and nuclear energy arena. The workshop will also highlight the technical and economic issues surrounding wider commercial use of these alloys.

Who should attend?

  • Past and potential end users of ODS alloys for applications in the fossil energy, nuclear power, chemical, petrochemical and furnaces/heaters and related industries;
  • Manufacturers of high temperature gas turbines, furnaces, boilers, high temperature heat exchangers and other components;
  • Previous and current suppliers of ODS alloys;
  • Metallic and composite materials joining experts (industry, academia)

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