Advisor Information

Online Advising

Students can submit questions to the structural engineering undergraduate advisor online through the Virtual Advising Center (VAC)

In-Person Advising

Current and prospective students may visit the undergraduate academic advisor during walk-in hours, located in SME 340D.

Walk-in hours: Monday through Thursday: 9:00am-11:30am, 1:30pm-3:30pm; Fridays: 9:00am-11:30am

Undergraduate Advisor

Jennifer Eller

Phone: 858-822-2273 

Location: Structural and Materials Engineering Building (SME) 340D 

Email: (Please send advising questions via the VAC unless you need to send an attachment.)





Abebe Chen 858-534-7034 441H
Abuel Luco 858-534-4338 445D
Aghkyan Tomac 858-822-3009 342A
Aguirre Loh 858-822-0431 445G
Agustin Luco 858-534-4338 445D
Ajanel Mosqueda 858-534-4722 443G
Akhrass Asaro 858-534-6888 442K
Alawdi Van Den Einde 858-822-2188 440E
Alfafara Eliasson 858-534-5928 343K
Ali Asaro 858-534-6888 442K
Alimsijah Kosmatka 858-534-1779 441G
Almejel Kim, H. 858-534-7442 441J
Alva Tomac 858-822-3009 342A
Alvarez Chavez, N. Mosqueda 858-534-4722 443G
Alvarez, J. Chen 858-534-7034 441H
Alvarez, M. Hutchinson 858-534-5928 343K
Alvarez, N.S. Conte 858-822-4545 443K
Amador Kim, H. 858-534-7442 441J
Amancio Conte 858-822-4545 443K
Amini, S. Restrepo 858-822-3392 444H
Amirian Lanza di Scalea 858-822-1458 442H
Amora, A. Shing 858-822-4567 443J
Anders Tomac 858-822-3009 342A
Andrade Elgamal 858-822-1075 443H
Angeles Asaro 858-534-6888 442K
Aniban, R. Kim, A. 858-534-4599 444G
Anthony, J.H. Zhu 858-822-2161 342E
Arambulo, I. Shing 858-822-4567 443J
Arias, M. Todd 858-534-5951 445E
Armas Torres, M. Uang 858-534-9880 444J
Armstrong Eliasson 858-534-5928 343K
Aslanian Hutchinson 858-534-7436 444K
Atif Hutchinson 858-534-7436 444K
Agustin Kim, H. 858-534-7442 441J
Avdar Kosmatka 858-534-1779 441G
Avila-Nunez Asaro 858-534-6888 442K
Azarbad, R. Kosmatka 858-534-1779 441G
Babaei Conte 858-822-4545 443K
Baddour Tomac 858-822-3009 342A
Bae Conte 858-822-4545 443K
Baez Mozo Zhu 858-822-2161 342E
Bains Asaro 858-534-6888 442K
Bantugan Hutchinson 858-534-7436 444K
Barroga Asaro 858-534-6888 442K
Baumgartner Van Den Einde 858-822-2188 440E
Berumen Uang 858-534-9880 444J
Bessler Lanza di Scalea 858-822-1458 442H
Bettner McCartney 858-534-9639 442J
Botani Kim, A. 858-534-4599 444G
Boyce Tomac 858-822-3009 342A
Bravo Kim, H. 858-534-7442 441J
Buenaventura Tomac 858-822-3009 342A
Bulgara Kosmatka 858-534-1779 441G
Byrnes Krysl 858-822-4787 445F
Cabral Zhu 858-822-2161 342E
Cai Loh 858-822-0431 445G
Calalo Chen 858-534-7034 441H
Calles Uang 858-534-9880 444J
Capone, A. Shing 858-822-4567 443J
Capuchino Chen 858-534-7034 441H
Carns Kim, H. 858-534-7442 441J
Carrazco Luco 858-534-4338 445D
Carrillo Tomac 858-822-3009 342A
Carrillo, L. Lanza di Scalea 858-822-1458 442H
Carvalho Eliasson 858-534-5928 343K
Casilang Qiao  858-534-3388 442G
Cedeno Krysl 858-822-4787 445F
Cervantes, K.A. Zhu 858-822-2161 342E
Cha Kuester 858-534-9953 342D
Chambers Qiao  858-534-3388 442G
Chan, J.Y.  Mosqueda 858-534-4722 443G
Chan, K.H. Hutchinson 858-534-7436 444K
Chan, K.M. Krysl 858-822-4787 445F
Chan, M. Krysl 858-822-4787 445F
Chandruang Chen 858-534-7034 441H
Chaney, K. Restrepo 858-822-3392 444H
Chang, D. Asaro 858-534-6888 442K
Chang, J. Restrepo 858-822-3392 444H
Chang, T.C. Zhu 858-822-2161 342E
Chan-Yoeun Kim, H. 858-534-7442 441J
Chau, J. Kim, A. 858-534-4599 444G
Chavez, M. A. Todd 858-534-5951 445E
Chavez, M. Tomac 858-822-3009 342A
Chemais Kuester 858-534-9953 342D
Chen, H. Chen 858-534-7034 441H
Chen, L. Elgamal 858-822-1075 443H
Chen, Y. Luco 858-534-4338 445D
Cheng, C. Luco 858-534-4338 445D
Cheng, C.Y. Lanza di Scalea 858-822-1458 442H
Chhuon Kim, H. 858-534-7442 441J
Chiquito Lanza di Scalea 858-822-1458 442H
Cho, C. Van Den Einde 858-822-2188 440E
Cho, I. Kosmatka 858-534-1779 441G
Cho, R. Van Den Einde 858-822-2188 440E
Choe Restrepo 858-822-3392 444H
Choi, N. Eliasson 858-534-5928 343K
Chu, R. Shing 858-822-4567 443J
Chung, H. Loh 858-822-0431 445G
Chung, Y.S. Tomac 858-822-3009 342A
Cisneros, H. Kuester 858-534-9953 342D
Collazo-Jhonson Loh 858-822-0431 445G
Collin Eliasson 858-534-5928 343K
Collins McCartney 858-534-9639 442J
Copeland Kosmatka 858-534-1779 441G
Crichlow Conte 858-822-4545 443K
Cruz Tomac 858-822-3009 342A
Cruz, I. Shing 858-822-4567 443J
Culian McCartney 858-534-9639 442J
Cushman Mosqueda 858-534-4722 443G
Dahl Todd 858-534-5951 445E
Dalton, J. Eliasson 858-534-5928 343K
Dang, B. Uang 858-534-9880 444J
Dang, C.K. Hutchinson 858-534-7436 444K
Dasgupta Conte 858-822-4545 443K
De La Cruz Van Den Einde 858-822-2188 440E
Debora Qiao  858-534-3388 442G
Decastro Asaro 858-534-6888 442K
Dela Cueva Tomac 858-822-3009 342A
Delgado Restrepo 858-822-3392 444H
Deli Todd 858-534-5951 445E
Diaz, J. Asaro 858-534-6888 442K
Dickson, J. Kosmatka 858-534-1779 441G
Dickson, J.C. Uang 858-534-9880 444J
Diego Tomac 858-822-3009 342A
Diep, R. Shing 858-822-4567 443J
Dinh Restrepo 858-822-3392 444H
Do, S. McCartney 858-534-9639 442J
Doctolero, F. Restrepo 858-822-3392 444H
Dreese Uang 858-534-9880 444J
Du, J. Lanza di Scalea 858-822-1458 442H
Dulay Kim, H. 858-534-7442 441J
Duong, W. Conte 858-822-4545 443K
Duran Van Den Einde 858-822-2188 440E
Duran, R. Kosmatka 858-534-1779 441G
Edjan Zhu 858-822-2161 342E
Ehrlich Tomac 858-822-3009 342A
Eng, C. Shing 858-822-4567 443J
Erler, K. Shing 858-822-4567 443J
Escobar Chen 858-534-7034 441H
Espinoza Kuester 858-534-9953 342D
Espitia Asaro 858-534-6888 442K
Farahani Todd 858-534-5951 445E
Farhadi Krysl 858-822-4787 445F
Faris Tomac 858-822-3009 342A
Fayaz Hutchinson 858-534-7436 444K
Fdawi Chen 858-534-7034 441H
Fetros Conte 858-822-4545 443K
Flores Lanza di Scalea 858-822-1458 442H
Flores, A. Zhu 858-822-2161 342E
Francia Mosqueda 858-534-4722 443G
Fraser Tomac 858-822-3009 342A
Furlan, R. Kim, A. 858-534-4599 444G
Fustei Kuester 858-534-9953 342D
Galaviz Zhu 858-822-2161 342E
Gamboa Elgamal 858-822-1075 443H
Gamboa, T.M. Tomac 858-822-3009 342A
Garcia Estrada Elgamal 858-822-1075 443H
Garcia Raudales, K. Mosqueda 858-534-4722 443G
Garcia, B.  Eliasson 858-534-5928 343K
Garcia, D. Elgamal 858-822-1075 443H
Garcia, N. Eliasson 858-534-5928 343K
Gardner McCartney 858-534-9639 442J
Gemawat Hutchinson 858-534-7436 444K
Gibson Kim, A. 858-534-4599 444G
Gillaspy Kim, H. 858-534-7442 441J
Gillette Hutchinson 858-534-7436 444K
Godinez Kosmatka 858-534-1779 441G
Godoy-Velasquez Krysl 858-822-4787 445F
Gomez, H. Conte 858-822-4545 443K
Gomez, K. Qiao  858-534-3388 442G
Gomez, V.S. McCartney 858-534-9639 442J
Gonzalez Abundis Loh 858-822-0431 445G
Gonzalez, A. Krysl 858-822-4787 445F
Gonzalez, A. J.  Kim, H. 858-534-7442 441J
Gonzalez, A.R. Tomac 858-822-3009 342A
Gonzalez, E. Kim, H. 858-534-7442 441J
Gonzalez, I. Kim, A. 858-534-4599 444G
Gonzalez, J. Kuester 858-534-9953 342D
Gonzalez, M. Van Den Einde 858-822-2188 440E
Gonzalez-Placensia Eliasson 858-534-5928 343K
Grabiak Zhu 858-822-2161 342E
Gracia, D. Todd 858-534-5951 445E
Graeber McCartney 858-534-9639 442J
Granados, J. Eliasson 858-534-5928 343K
Green, T.H. Kim, A. 858-534-4599 444G
Green, Z.E. Krysl 858-822-4787 445F
Greenaway Mosqueda 858-534-4722 443G
Grijalva McCartney 858-534-9639 442J
Grindley, J. Tomac 858-822-3009 342A
Grygar, M. Kuester 858-534-9953 342D
Guerrero, D. Kosmatka 858-534-1779 441G
Gutermuth Lanza di Scalea 858-822-1458 442H
Gutermuth, T.E. Tomac 858-822-3009 342A
Gutierrez, A. Krysl 858-822-4787 445F
Gutierrez, G. Mosqueda 858-534-4722 443G
Gutierrez, M. Elgamal 858-822-1075 443H
Guzman Qiao  858-534-3388 442G
Hacker, C. Van Den Einde 858-822-2188 440E
Hakim Kim, H. 858-534-7442 441J
Halladay Restrepo 858-822-3392 444H
Hamblin, R. Chen 858-534-7034 441H
Hamilton, S. Zhu 858-822-2161 342E
Hamrang Eliasson 858-534-5928 343K
Han, R.J. Zhu 858-822-2161 342E
Haque, L. Uang 858-534-9880 444J
Hargrove Loh 858-822-0431 445G
Haro Miranda, A. Kim, A. 858-534-4599 444G
Hashi Uang 858-534-9880 444J
Hayet, D. Shing 858-822-4567 443J
He Todd 858-534-5951 445E
Hemmatyar Uang 858-534-9880 444J
Hernandez, C. Restrepo 858-822-3392 444H
Hernandez, R. Van Den Einde 858-822-2188 440E
Hernandez, T. Eliasson 858-534-5928 343K
Hernandez-Duran, N. Kim, A. 858-534-4599 444G
Ho, L.F. Kuester 858-534-9953 342D
Ho, T.T. Hutchinson 858-534-7436 444K
Hoang, H.H. Loh 858-822-0431 445G
Hoang, T. Qiao  858-534-3388 442G
Hoang, T.Q. Zhu 858-822-2161 342E
Hodiono Asaro 858-534-6888 442K
Holcombe Kuester 858-534-9953 342D
Holmer McCartney 858-534-9639 442J
Horn Asaro 858-534-6888 442K
Hsieh, K. Conte 858-822-4545 443K
Htet Lanza di Scalea 858-822-1458 442H
Huang, A. Qiao  858-534-3388 442G
Huang, E.  Loh 858-822-0431 445G
Huang, P. Chen 858-534-7034 441H
Hung, L. Eliasson 858-534-5928 343K
Huynh Restrepo 858-822-3392 444H
Ialenti Eliasson 858-534-5928 343K
Ingrassia Lanza di Scalea 858-822-1458 442H
Iyer Kim, H. 858-534-7442 441J
Jacobs, L. Chen 858-534-7034 441H
Jansen, E. Mosqueda 858-534-4722 443G
Jasuan Conte 858-822-4545 443K
Jimenez Elgamal 858-822-1075 443H
Johnson, Z. Mosqueda 858-534-4722 443G
Joo, A. Krysl 858-822-4787 445F
Jorgenson Elgamal 858-822-1075 443H
Ju Eliasson 858-534-5928 343K
Juarez, E. Kosmatka 858-534-1779 441G
Jue Conte 858-822-4545 443K
Kabbin Kim, H. 858-534-7442 441J
Kadiyala Loh 858-822-0431 445G
Kang Van Den Einde 858-822-2188 440E
Kang, N.Q. Kosmatka 858-534-1779 441G
Kari Restrepo 858-822-3392 444H
Kasegne McCartney 858-534-9639 442J
Kasman Zhu 858-822-2161 342E
Kerner Krysl 858-822-4787 445F
Kha, K. Conte 858-822-4545 443K
Khoylow, C. Lanza di Scalea 858-822-1458 442H
Kiland Restrepo 858-822-3392 444H
Kim, C. Lanza di Scalea 858-822-1458 442H
Kim, C.B. Kuester 858-534-9953 342D
Kim, D. Van Den Einde 858-822-2188 440E
Kim, J.W. Todd 858-534-5951 445E
Kim, N.R. Kuester 858-534-9953 342D
Kim, N.R. Luco 858-534-4338 445D
Kim, S.H. Todd 858-534-5951 445E
Kim, S.P. McCartney 858-534-9639 442J
Kim, Taeha Qiao 858-534-3388 442G
Kim, Taerim McCartney 858-534-9639 442J
Kim, Theodore Eliasson 858-534-5928 343K
Kinsella Restrepo 858-822-3392 444H
Kitzmann Todd 858-534-5951 445E
Kokikian Todd 858-534-5951 445E
Kolbe Tomac 858-822-3009 342A
Kong Van Den Einde 858-822-2188 440E
Kostukovsky Qiao  858-534-3388 442G
Kuang, A.  Kuester 858-534-9953 342D
Kurakin, I. Shing 858-822-4567 443J
Kuran Elgamal 858-822-1075 443H
Kwong, A. Kim, H. 858-534-7442 441J
Lam, B. Todd 858-534-5951 445E
Lam, N. Uang 858-534-9880 444J
Lang, N. Hutchinson 858-534-7436 444K
Langley, K. Shing 858-822-4567 443J
Lanza Van Den Einde 858-822-2188 440E
Lanza, F. Qiao  858-534-3388 442G
Lara, K. Kosmatka 858-534-1779 441G
Lareza, A. Chen 858-534-7034 441H
Lau Zhu 858-822-2161 342E
Lau, R. Mosqueda 858-534-4722 443G
Le, R.P. McCartney 858-534-9639 442J
Lee, A. Kim, A. 858-534-4599 444G
Lee, A.J. Asaro 858-534-6888 442K
Lee, B. McCartney 858-534-9639 442J
Lee, B.H. Zhu 858-822-2161 342E
Lee, E. Uang 858-534-9880 444J
Lee, J.  Elgamal 858-822-1075 443H
Lee, J.H Chen 858-534-7034 441H
Lee, K.L. Conte 858-822-4545 443K
Lee, Sean Kosmatka 858-534-1779 441G
Lee, Sunmin Asaro 858-534-6888 442K
Leiter Elgamal 858-822-1075 443H
Leonardi Mosqueda 858-534-4722 443G
Leung, C.C. Lanza di Scalea 858-822-1458 442H
Leung, G. Eliasson 858-534-5928 343K
Leung, S.K. Tomac 858-822-3009 342A
Lewis Krysl 858-822-4787 445F
Li, J. Restrepo 858-822-3392 444H
Li, K. Krysl 858-822-4787 445F
Li, Z. Kim, A. 858-534-4599 444G
Liang, I.  Mosqueda 858-534-4722 443G
Liang, K. Todd 858-534-5951 445E
Liao, T. Qiao  858-534-3388 442G
Lim, M. Conte 858-822-4545 443K
Lim, R.  Van Den Einde 858-822-2188 440E
Lin Loh 858-822-0431 445G
Lin, A. Kim, H. 858-534-7442 441J
Lin, Z. Kosmatka 858-534-1779 441G
Liu, J. Krysl 858-822-4787 445F
Liu, L. Lanza di Scalea 858-822-1458 442H
Liu, W. Krysl 858-822-4787 445F
Liu, Y. Eliasson 858-534-5928 343K
Liu, Z. Lanza di Scalea 858-822-1458 442H
Lizares Hutchinson 858-534-7436 444K
Lizarraga, M. Loh 858-822-0431 445G
Lobos McCartney 858-534-9639 442J
Loera Hutchinson 858-534-7436 444K
Long, E. Hutchinson 858-534-7436 444K
Lopez, C. Mosqueda 858-534-4722 443G
Lopez, D. Kim, A. 858-534-4599 444G
Lopez, D.E. Zhu 858-822-2161 342E
Lopez, J. Kosmatka 858-534-1779 441G
Lopez, M. Uang 858-534-9880 444J
Lotfinajafabadi, V. Tomac 858-822-3009 342A
Lovi Luco 858-534-4338 445D
Loya, D. Chen 858-534-7034 441H
Lucero McCartney 858-534-9639 442J
Ludwick Mosqueda 858-534-4722 443G
Lujan Uang 858-534-5951 445E
Luong, M.P. McCartney 858-534-9639 442J
Ma Qiao 858-534-3388 442G
MacAulay Zhu 858-822-2161 342E
Machado Restrepo 858-822-3392 444H
Mahoney Asaro 858-534-6888 442K
Manges Todd 858-534-5951 445E
Manriquez Van Den Einde 858-822-2188 440E
Mansing Conte 858-822-4545 443K
Markaryan Kuester 858-534-9953 342D
Markoem Loh 858-822-0431 445G
Martin Van Den Einde 858-822-2188 440E
Martines, J. Shing 858-822-4567 443J
Martinez, S. Kuester 858-534-9953 342D
Masjedi Zhu 858-822-2161 342E
Mastromauro Kuester 858-534-9953 342D
Mateus Sanchez Tomac 858-822-3009 342A
Mathukumilli Van Den Einde 858-822-2188 440E
Maturingan Zhu 858-822-2161 342E
McDowell Luco 858-534-4338 445D
McNair Qiao  858-534-3388 442G
Medellin Krysl 858-822-4787 445F
Medina, D.J. Zhu 858-822-2161 342E
Mehta Mosqueda 858-534-4722 443G
Mehta, A. Shing 858-822-4567 443J
Mei Kim, H. 858-534-7442 441J
Mejia, A. Asaro 858-534-6888 442K
Mejia, C. Van Den Einde 858-822-2188 440E
Mejia, C.B. Tomac 858-822-3009 342A
Mejia, O. Van Den Einde 858-822-2188 440E
Mellor Hutchinson 858-534-7436 444K
Mendez Castro Kosmatka 858-534-1779 441G
Mendez-Lopez Elgamal 858-822-1075 443H
Mendoza, J.P. Kosmatka 858-534-1779 441G
Mendoza, N. Krysl 858-822-4787 445F
Meraz Kim, A. 858-534-4599 444G
Merene Uang 858-534-9880 444J
Miguel Restrepo 858-822-3392 444H
Mizelo, Y. Conte 858-822-4545 443K
Moctezuma, M. Hutchinson 858-534-7436 444K
Mohamed, S. Kuester 858-534-9953 342D
Monarrez Krysl 858-822-4787 445F
Monteiro Qiao  858-534-3388 442G
Montes-Steiner, O. Kim, A. 858-534-4599 444G
Morales Tomac 858-822-3009 342A
Morales, F. Shing 858-822-4567 443J
Moreno, J.J. Conte 858-822-4545 443K
Moreno, K.M. Uang 858-534-9880 444J
Moreno, M. Conte 858-822-4545 443K
Moreno-Rodriguez, E. Loh 858-822-0431 445G
Mousacohen Kim, H. 858-534-7442 441J
Moussa Kim, H. 858-534-7442 441J
Muscarella Eliasson 858-534-5928 343K
Najjar, Lara Kim, H. 858-534-7442 441J
Naraghi, C. Restrepo 858-822-3392 444H
Nelson Eliasson 858-534-5928 343K
Nelson D. Kim, A. 858-534-4599 444G
Nesarajah Hutchinson 858-534-7436 444K
Nevarez Restrepo 858-822-3392 444H
Newland, A. Lanza di Scalea 858-822-1458 442H
Ng, K. W. Van Den Einde 858-822-2188 440E
Ngo, C.  Kim, A. 858-534-4599 444G
Ngo, M. Zhu 858-822-2161 342E
Nguyen, A. D. Elgamal 858-822-1075 443H
Nguyen, A.A. Uang 858-534-9880 444J
Nguyen, Dat  Loh 858-822-0431 445G
Nguyen, Devan Chen 858-534-7034 441H
Nguyen, E. Elgamal 858-822-1075 443H
Nguyen, H.Q. Asaro 858-534-6888 442K
Nguyen, K. Zhu 858-822-2161 342E
Nguyen, K.H. Kim, H. 858-534-7442 441J
Nguyen, M. M. Restrepo 858-822-3392 444H
Nguyen, N. Kim, A. 858-534-4599 444G
Nguyen, P. T. Eliasson 858-534-5928 343K
Nguyen, T.A.H. Kosmatka 858-534-1779 441G
Nguyen, T.T. Conte 858-822-4545 443K
Nichols Krysl 858-822-4787 445F
Nieto Asaro 858-534-6888 442K
No Todd 858-534-5951 445E
Nobleza Lanza di Scalea 858-822-1458 442H
Nocum, K. Qiao 858-534-3388 442G
Nunez, D. Kosmatka 858-534-1779 441G
Nunez, M. Qiao  858-534-3388 442G
Nunziato Van Den Einde 858-822-2188 440E
Ober Kim, H. 858-534-7442 441J
Oh Qiao 858-534-3388 442G
Ordonez, R. Loh 858-822-0431 445G
Osorio Mosqueda 858-534-4722 443G
Osuna Todd 858-534-5951 445E
Pacheco Hinojosa Qiao 858-534-3388 442G
Pacheco Hinojosa, A. Mosqueda 858-534-4722 443G
Pacheco Osorio, E. Kosmatka 858-534-1779 441G
Palomares, A. Qiao  858-534-3388 442G
Panian, J. Todd 858-534-5951 445E
Park, G. Van Den Einde 858-822-2188 440E
Patel, P.D. Todd 858-534-5951 445E
Paulbitski, T. Chen 858-534-7034 441H
Paulson, C. Shing 858-822-4567 443J
Payne Loh 858-822-0431 445G
Pedersen Luco 858-534-4338 445D
Peraza, S. Shing 858-822-4567 443J
Perez Castaneda Kuester 858-534-9953 342D
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Perng Conte 858-822-4545 443K
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Pho, T. Tomac 858-822-3009 342A
Pinon Lanza di Scalea 858-822-1458 442H
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