Stress Wave Mitigation in Porous Materials

Professor Yu Qiao

Stress wave mitigation in porous materials, such as silica monoliths and PTFE foams, are investigated. As shown in Figure 1, a hat-shaped setup on the SHPB testing system is used to induce force on the porous silica monoliths with different average pore sizes, from a few nanometers to a few hundreds of microns. Under the same shear rate and the same shear displacement, if the pore size is as large as 100 microns, the local softening caused by cell collapse will promote the formation of shear banding along the direction of shear force, and the influence area encircled by orange line will be localized. Whereas if the pore size is small enough like tens of nanometers, local hardening ahead of the shear banding will happen, leading a large influence area and thus more energy will be absorbed by the porous materials.

Fig.1. Influence area for porous silica monoliths with different average pore sizes under the forced shear stress.