A Generalized Approach for Reconstructing the Three-Dimensional Shape of Slender Structures Using Cosserat Rod Theory
May 8
- Mayank Chadha

The full-field deformed shape reconstruction of a slender object like pipelines, tethers, mooring cables, surgical tu

Optimization Problems in Inverse Identification of Delamination in Laminated Composites Using Electrical Resistance Tomography
May 3
- Professor Satchi Venkataraman

The imaging technique that uses electrical properties of materials such as electrical resistance measured on the surf

Sustainable Biogeotechnics: Developing Bio-Mediated and Bio-Inspired Solutions for Hazard Mitigation
May 1
- Professor Jason DeJong

Arguably the next advent for the geotechnical engineering profession is to recognize that soil itself is a living eco

Scaled Shake Table Model Experiments on Shallow Foundations in Liquefied Soils
Apr 26
- Professor Ramin Motamed

Liquefaction-induced ground failure has accounted for major damage in structures and lifelines for several decades.

San Francisco International Airport Air Traffic Control Tower
Apr 19
- Rafael Sabelli

The new San Francisco International Airport features a 220 foot tall air-traffic control tower surrounded by an integ

Faculty Life at a Major Research University: Getting the Job, What to Expect, and How to Survive
Apr 10
- Professor Michael Todd

Ever wondered what it takes to get (and keep!) an academic job at a major research university, like UC San Diego?  Th

Overview of the MOMS Program at NSF
Apr 5
- Dr. Kara Peters

This presentation will present an overview of the Mechanics of Materials and Structures (MoMS) program within the Civ

Extracting Heat from the Earth - Why does Micromechanics Matter
Mar 17
- Dr. Ingrid Tomac

Geothermal energy extraction via Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) is being explored at the pilot level, but still fa

Bridging Spatial and Temporal Scales in Molecular Dynamics
Mar 13
- Professor Michael Ortiz

In a number of areas of application, the behavior of systems depends sensitively on properties that pertain to the at

Numerical Simulation of Cone Penetration for Development of Engineering Correlations
Feb 28
- Diane Moug

Correlations of cone penetration test (CPT) measurements to geotechnical soil properties have been well developed for

Nano-Engineering Materials and Structures for Aerospace Applications
Feb 24
- Professor Ya Wang

Vibration energy harvesting is a demonstrated solution to power sensors, and even low power actuation systems.