Nano-Engineering Materials and Structures for Aerospace Applications
Feb 24
- Professor Ya Wang

Vibration energy harvesting is a demonstrated solution to power sensors, and even low power actuation systems.

Self-Consistent Clustering Analysis for Data-Driven Design of Multiscale Material Systems
Feb 27
- Professor Wing Kam Liu, PE

The advent of advanced processing and manufacturing techniques provides unparalleled freedom to design new material c

Earthquake Resilient Housing through Enhanced Light-Frame Uni-body Construction with Low-Cost Seismic Isolation
Feb 21
- Professor Gregory Deierlein

While light-frame residential house construction generally performs well with respect to life safety, experience from

Being a Valued Employee: Standing out Effortlessly
Feb 13
- Lon McPhail

What your boss needs most of all - doing your job is half the battle

Levees, Earthquakes, and California's Water Distribution System
Jan 30
- Professor Scott J. Brandenberg

The Sacramento / San Joaquin Delta is the hub of California's water distribution system, providing fresh water to ove

What to Expect: Advice from the Future
Jan 23
- Lon McPhail

Your first 30-60-90 days - how to learn the company needs and add value to make yourself indispensable.

Get Fired Up: What Structural Engineers Should Know About Fire Design
Jan 18
- Professor Maria Garlock

The increasing complexity of building structures makes it sometimes difficult to apply a prescriptive approach for fi

An Immersogeometric Framework for Patient - Specific Heart Valve Design and Analysis
Jan 17
- Professor Ming-Chen Hsu

In this work, we present a framework for designing patient-specific bioprosthetic heart valves using recently propose

Creating and Presenting Credibility of Computational Solid Mechanics Analyses
Jan 11
- Dr. H. Eliot Fang

Advanced computational modeling, high performance computing technology, and extensive knowledge of simulation form a

The Mono Bucket-Next Generation Foundation Structure for Offshore Wind Turbines
Jan 9
- Professor Lars Bo Ibsen

The Mono Bucket is the latest generation foundation structure.

Structural and Environmental Monitoring using Robotics
Jan 4
- Dr. Hyun Myung

In this talk, the robotics technologies to provide various services in civil environment will be introduced, mainly f

Wood Revolution: Inspiring Design with Innovative Wood Structural Systems
Nov 28
- Jennifer Cover

Due to their high strength, dimensional stability and positive environmental performance, mass timber building produc

Performance-Based Seismic Design of Transbay Transit Center in San Francisco
Nov 14
- Albert Chen, P.E., S.E.

The Transbay Transit Center is a modern multimodal transit center, which will become a physical and symbolic gateway

The New San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge
Nov 9
- Dr. Marwan Nader, P.E.

The new San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge East Spans is comprised of four distinct structures, these are: a low rise p

SpaceX Overview and Q&A
Nov 7
- Eduardo Velazquez

SpaceX designs, manufactures and launches advanced rockets and spacecraft.

Structural Design in Tesla Time- the New Paradigm
Oct 24
- Dr. John Osteraas

The Tesla Gigafactory being built near Reno, Nevada is currently the largest building project in North America and wh

Design and Construction of Cowboys Stadium: AT&T Stadium - 'The House that Jerry Built'
Oct 10
- Larry Griffis, Senior Principal, Walter P. Moore and Associates, Inc.

If its hole-in-the-roof design defined the old Texas Stadium, the twin monumental steel arches have emerged as the si