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Professor Fu-Kou Chang
Professor Fu-Kou Chang
Monday, April 8, 2019, 1pm
SME Building, Cymer Conference Room 248
Multifunctional Energy Storage Composite (MESC) Structures for Electric Vehicles
SE Distinguished Lecture Series
Professor Earl H. Dowell
Professor Earl H. Dowell
Monday, April 30, 2018, 3pm
SME Building, Room 248
Experimental Aeroelastic Models: Design and Wind Tunnel Testing for Correlation with New Theory
SE Distinguished Lecture



Letter From The Chair

Chair McCartney.jpg

John S. McCartney

Professor and Chair

On behalf of the approximately 500 undergraduate students, 200 graduate students, 26 researchers, 33 staff members, and 23 faculty members in the Department of Structural Engineering at the University of California San Diego, welcome! Structural engineering plays a critical role in fulfilling the basic needs of society for safe and sustainable built environments and transportation means, and is an interdisciplinary field that provides exciting opportunities for solving problems at the forefront of research and practice.   Learn more

Faculty Spotlight

Structural Engineering Department at UC San Diego

The Department of Structural Engineering offers a unique program
spanning across civil, aerospace, and mechanical engineering.

Center for Extreme Events Research Lab

Center researchers are world-renowned experts in experimental and computational methods for extreme events research. We leverage this expertise to develop better ways to protect entire built infrastructures, as well as bio-systems, from extreme events such as blasts from terrorist attacks and mining explosions, car crashes, sports collisions, and natural disaster such as landslides.   Learn more

Powell Lab

The Charles Lee Powell Structural Research Laboratories are the largest and most active full-scale structural testing facilities in the world. With its 50 ft. tall reaction wall and 120 ft. long strong floor, the Structural Systems Laboratory is equipped for full-scale testing of bridges, buildings and aircraft.


One of the world's largest shake tables, the six-degree-of-freedom shake table is used for the dynamic testing of full-scale bearings, isolators, and dampers. Computer-controlled hydraulic actuators that can apply up to 12 million pounds of force during earthquake simulations power SRMD.

Englekirk Lab

In 2005, the Englekirk Structural Engineering Center opened as an expansion of Powell Labs, equipped with the world's first outdoor shake table. It is adjacent to the country's largest Soil Foundation-structure Interaction Facility. UCSD Blast Simulator is the world's first laboratory to simulate the effects of bombs without the use of explosive materials.

Research Highlights