SCSE Receives Letter of Honorable Mention from ASCE

The UCSD Society of Civil and Structural Engineers (SCSE) has been awarded the Letter of Honorable Mention by the American Society of Civil Engineering (ASCE). The SCSE received this honor because of their outstanding activities from the past year. This recognition was received by only the top third of all student organizations in the nation.

Furthermore, they also received a Letter of Recognition for Community Service in recognition of the many service activities they provide that benefited others outside of the student organization.

The SE Department is extremely proud of the hard work and dedication that the members of the SCSE exhibit every year. We are also proud of the level of care and guidance that their faculty advisor, Professor Lelli Van Den Einde, continues to provide them with.

Congratulations to everyone involved in the SCSE organization for receiving this prestigious honor!

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