BS/MS Program

To all Junior-Year Structural Engineering Majors:

The Structural Engineering Department offers a Bachelor's/Master's degree program to enable students to complete both the B.S. and M.S. degree in an accelerated time frame. Undergraduate students in the department who have at least 148 quarter units plus college requirements with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher are eligible to apply.


Acceptance into this program is an honor which carries with it practical benefits - the graduate application process is simplified (no GREs required) and advanced students are given access to graduate level courses. Students must fulfill all the requirements for the BS degree prior to being formally admitted into the graduate program.


Structural Engineering students accepted into the program must follow the department and college requirements for the remainder of their undergraduate work in addition to the requirements for the integrated program. Students must be in academic residence as a master's/graduate student for a minimum of three quarters before they can graduate. For transfer students to be eligible for the program, they must have completed two quarters in residence at UCSD and have a GPA of 3.5 or higher.


If the student's application is approved by the department, the student will apply to the master's graduate program the following fall quarter (senior year) of undergraduate study.


Application Checklist

  • BS/MS Application 
  • Copy of an unofficial transcript (Academic Record printed off TritonLink is fine)
  • 250-word Personal Statement
  • Resume
  • Submit documents directly to Julie Storing in SME 340B for approval.
  • Application Due: Spring Quarter


Online Application (Due Senior Year)

  • Online application
    • The application deadline for applying to the graduate program in 2019-2020 is scheduled for January 8th, 2019 (this is subject to change).
  • Application Fee required: Domestic, $105.00; International, $125.00 (subject to change)
  • Upload of Transcripts (All attended institutions)
  • Statement of Purpose


If you have questions regarding applying to this program or questions about the program in general, please contact Julie Storing, Student Affairs Advisor, SME 340B or email