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Professor John McCartney and colleagues awarded 2019 R.M. Quigley from the Canadian Geotechnical Society.

Professor John McCartney and his colleagues Dr. Mohammed Faizal and Professor Malek Bouazza from Monash University and Dr. Chris Haberfield from Golder Associates in Melbourne have been awarded the 2019 R.M. Quigley award from the Canadian Geotechnical Society. This award is given to the best paper from the Canadian Geotechnical Journal published in the previous year. The title of the paper is “Axial and radial thermal responses of energy pile under six storey residential building”. One of Professor McCartney’s main research thrusts is on understanding soil-structure interaction mechanisms in building foundations used as geothermal heat exchangers (energy piles), using field testings, centrifuge modeling, and numerical simulations.


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