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Emergency Plan

For General Emergencies

  • Keep yourself and others CALM. 
  • Quickly move to the outside of the building using the nearest door marked with an “EXIT” sign.
  • Close and secure all doors and windows as you leave.
  • Take your keys, ID, etc., with you, in case you can't return to your building and must go home.
  • DO NOT USE THE ELEVATOR. Proceed to the nearest safe stairway. 
  • Be certain all persons in the area are evacuated immediately. Keep a list of all laboratory personnel near the exit of the lab/office that can easily be accessed and taken out of the building during an emergency. Use this list as a checklist to ensure all persons are out of the building. Advise emergency response personnel of any missing individuals.
  • Help those who need special assistance (disabled, small children, etc.). 
  • Report immediately to the designated gathering area located near your building (please refer to the map). 
  • Wait for instructions from emergency response personnel. DO NOT RE-ENTER THE BUILDING!

Fire Procedures

  • In Case of a Small Fire:
    • Grab the nearest fire extinguisher.
    • Make sure you have an unobstructed exit available to you.
    • Pull the finger pin located in the extinguisher’s handle.
    • Aim the nozzle at the BASE of the fire.
    • Squeeze the handles, passing the nozzle back and forth until the fire is out.
  • In Case of a Large Fire:
    • Immediately evacuate the building. Using the stairs (NOT THE ELEVATOR), move quickly to the designated gathering area.
    • If not already done, pull the fire alarm located closest to you.
    • Remain outside, upwind from any smoke until the fire department personnel have arrived, contained the fire, and turned off the alarm.
    • Building occupants may only re-enter the building after the emergency response personnel have given clearance.

Earthquake Procedures (during heavy shaking)

  • Quickly take cover under a desk/table or crouch in a corner away from large surfaces.
  • Expect at least 30 seconds of strong shaking.
  • After the shaking has subsided, quickly evacuate the building, using the stairs (not the elevator), to the designated gathering area (see map).
  • Personnel will not be allowed to return to their work area until the building has been inspected structurally.

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