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Master of Science Program

 The Department of Structural Engineering offers three different MS Degree options:


The M.S. degree program is intended to provide students with additional fundamental knowledge, as well as specialized advanced knowledge, in selected structural engineering aspects over and above the undergraduate degree coursework. In addition to the mainstream M.S. degree in Structural Engineering, there are two Structural Engineering M.S. degree specializations in Structural Health Monitoring and Non-Destructive Evaluation (SHM&NDE) and Geotechnical Engineering. Two M.S. degree plans are offered for all degree programs, which are the M.S. Thesis Plan and the M.S. Comprehensive Examination Plan.  

The M.S. Thesis Plan is designed for those students with an interest in research prior to entering the structural engineering profession or prior to entering a doctoral degree program. The MS Thesis Plan involves course work leading to the completion and defense of a master’s thesis. The M.S. Comprehensive Examination Plan focuses on coursework and requires the completion of a comprehensive examination covering multiple courses that the student has taken. The M.S. Comprehensive examination will be comprehensive and cover two focus sequences and at least one additional technical elective that the student has taken. The Comprehensive Examination is formatted such that the student completes sections of the exams throughout their degree program. Requirements for the Comprehensive Examination must be completed no later than the end of the eighth week of the quarter the student intends to graduate.

A Faculty Mentor will be assigned for each M.S. student. The names of the assigned Faculty Mentor will be shared before or at Graduate Orientation. The Faculty Mentor will assist students with their academic plans and any other questions they may have.



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