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Enrollment and Deadlines

Dear Graduate Students, please refer to this page for information about Registration/Enrollment.


  • 12 units is considered full time enrollment for a Graduate Student. 
  • 6 units is half-time study enrollment. 
  • Please refer to the "Course Offerings" and "Courses Descriptions" to plan your graduate coursework.
  • The Course Offerings are the planned SE courses for the Academic Year. 
  • The Course Descriptions provide the Prerequisites needed or Requirements that need to be met for the course. 
  • You may enroll in courses through WebReg on Tritonlink. 
  • Please note: due to seating limitations, do not enroll in more than 16 units for the quarter.
  • Some courses may require Prerequisites and you may need to place a request through Enrollment Authorization System (EASy). If you'd like to request to enroll in a course with Prerequisites through EASy just ensure to comment: Under "Justification" that you've taken similar courses to the ones listed in "Prerequisites" and then submit your request. 

Important Dates to Know:

Calendar with Registration Deadlines for the Academic Year and other Calendars with Deadlines on Triton Link

Enrollment FAQs: 

I completed my B.S. at UCSD, can I retake an undergraduate course that I took for my B.S. for my M.S.?

  • No, you should not repeat a course you took for your undergraduate for your graduate degree. 

I completed my B.S. at UCSD and completed a Co-Scheduled course on the Undergraduate side, can I retake it for the Graduate Side?

  • No, the majority of the material is the same. You should not take the same course. Example of a Co-Scheduled Course: SE142/253A

Can I transfer a course I took in Undergraduate for my Graduate Degree?

  • Yes, if it meets the requirements as set by Graduate Division
  • A student must submit proof that the course work to be transferred was not used to satisfy requirements for any other degree program. Degree checks or a letter from the institution from which the courses are being transferred will be required stating the courses were not used toward another degree.
  • Eligible course work may not have been used to fulfill the requirements of any other degree, and must have been completed with a B- or better grade and must have been taken prior to enrollment as a graduate student at UC San Diego.

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