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Graduate Student Advising

Graduate Advisor 


Email: se-gradadm@eng.ucsd.edu 

Advising Appointment Hours:

(Optional: Wednesday or Thursday appointments can be in person)

    Monday & Tuesday: 9:00am-11:30am & 1:30pm-3:00pm

    Wednesday: 9:00am-11:30am

    Thursday & Friday: 9:00am-11:30am & 1:30pm-3:00pm

Appointment policies:

- We do not schedule same-day appointments.

- The last appointment of the morning is 11:00am-11:30 am, and afternoon is 2:30pm-3:00 pm.

- A confirmation email with a zoom link will be sent if applicable.

- If you are more than 10 minutes late, you will need to reschedule your appointment.

- If you need to reschedule/cancel your appointment, please email se-gradadm@eng.ucsd.edu.

- We may need to reschedule your appointment in the event of an emergency. 

DISCLAIMER: By participating in an online appointment, individuals in proximity to you and/or the advisor may have the ability to see or hear information that is shared while the appointment is taking place.

Device/Suggestions: We recommend using a laptop or desktop computer for an optimal advising experience. The advisor may be sharing websites and documents that can be difficult to view on a cell phone or tablet.

Expectations: If your device is video capable please keep in mind that you will be visible to the advisor. Ensure you are in appropriate surroundings and attire. You may opt to have your video on or off, it is at your preference.

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Student's Faculty Mentor/Advisor Information:

Student Last Name First Initial Faculty Mentor
Abeysiridara R McCartney
Adams J Van Den Einde
Alvarez M Kim A.
Amador D Van Den Einde
Armstrong R McCartney
Azarbad R Kuester
Baddour M Van Den Einde
Baek J Chen
Batista I Lanza di Scalea
Bedecarratz F Restrepo
Behbehani F McCartney
Bhat P Shing
Bos A Todd
Boyle C Kosmatka
Bu Y Kuester
Buenrostro J Kim H.
Bustamante R Mosqueda
Capone A Van Den Einde
Cazarez Adriano B Restrepo
Chang T Loh
Chavez N Morrison
Chavez De Rosas J Zhu
Chemais B Conte
Chen J Todd
Chen K Tsampras
Chiddarwar R Kuester
Cho R Mosqueda
Choi H Uang
Chu R Uang
Cruz I Restrepo
Dalton J Kim H.
Dang H Tomac
Datta D Lanza di Scalea
Dayanghirang J Conte
De Aquino Castro D Kim A.
De Vivo L Kuester
Dela Cueva J Kim H.
Desai P Loh
Deyglun L Shing
Diaz Montiel P Kim H.
Diep D Asaro
Dinh R Chen
Du J Uang
Duong H Elgamal
Erler K Mosqueda
Farmer B Lanza di Scalea
Ferguson E Asaro
Fernandez E Mosqueda
Fickenwirth P Conte
Flores J Kuester
Fu K Asaro
Funderburk M Loh
Furlan R Qiao
Gao Y Kosmatka
Gibeault R Tomac
Godinez Hernandez S Restrepo
Goheen Y Krysl
Gonzalez J Kim A.
Gonzalez A Morrison
Greenheck L Shing
Guerrero N Hutchinson
Guibert A Kim A.
Han Y Loh
Haynes D Todd
He X Chen
He Y Semnani
Hirematada S Semnani
Hokama Razzini A Todd
Huang C Lanza di Scalea
Huang S Loh
Huang E Kim H.
Huang Y Kim H.
Hudson M Todd
Hughes N Todd
Inkret L Lanza di Scalea
Jafari A Uang
Jauregui C Kim A.
Jones R Todd
Katko B Kim H.
Keni A Restrepo
Khandelwal H Semnani
Khoylow C Mosqueda
Kinikles D Elgamal
Knipe A Restrepo
Koharchik K Krysl
Kreitzer I McCartney
Kuang Z Asaro
Kurakin I Kosmatka
Kurumbhati M Conte
Lai C Conte
Lau H Shing
Lee H Uang
Lee K Uang
Lee P Asaro
Lee E Uang
Li C Uang
Li K Elgamal
Li E Loh
Li L Zhu
Li S Loh
Liang I Morrison
Lin K Asaro
Lin L Hutchinson
Lin Y Loh
Liu Ji Tomac
Liu Je Loh
Lu K Mosqueda
Luhrman K Asaro
Lum S Zhu
Luna I Uang
Ma W Tomac
Martinez S Conte
Mayorga F Tsampras
McLaughlin K Tsampras
McManus C Uang
Mish C Krysl
Mohammadi Golafshani M Semnani
Morano M Hutchinson
Moss E Zhu
Movasat M Tomac
Musa M Tsampras
Najera D Todd
Nawabi B Tsampras
Newgard J McCartney
Ngo J Kosmatka
Nguyen K Kosmatka
Nguyen T Van Den Einde
Nigam D Tsampras
Nomani S Van Den Einde
Ntambakwa E Tomac
O'Dowd N Todd
Ojo D Todd
Parayancode A Elgamal
Parekh J Asaro
Pascua J Morrison
Paxton A Tsampras
Perez B Kim H.
Perez Castaneda J Semnani
Pieroni A Kosmatka
Ponce E Kuester
Poudel R Restrepo
Prabhune A Semnani
Proc L Kosmatka
Qian G Todd
Quaranta A Zhu
Quintanilla J Todd
Ramancha M Conte
Refai S Elgamal
Richards T Restrepo
Rivas D Kosmatka
Rivera A Kim H.
Rodriguez Burneo A Restrepo
Roloff M Tsampras
Romasko B Kim H.
Roobol A Todd
Ruvalcaba M Tsampras
Sakonpiriyanon T Van Den Einde
Sanchez J Todd
Sanchez M Todd
Sasse N Zhu
Sazima A Kim A.
Schade J Shing
Schelle C Tomac
Schiller B Hutchinson
Schlinkman R Chen
Selley A Todd
Sepulveda Contreras C Mosqueda
Serrano E Conte
Shah B Hutchinson
Shakiban A Restrepo
Shen J Todd
Shoemaker J Lanza di Scalea
Shu Y Loh
Simbort Zeballos E Conte
Singh A Hutchinson
Skeate M Qiao
Sonza A Restrepo
Sorosh S Hutchinson
Stone T Qiao
Suarez S Morrison
Sun L Conte
Surve S Semnani
Susuki K Chen
Taneja K Chen
Taves C Kim H.
Thakkar J Mosqueda
Thompson M Kuester
Tobin J Elgamal
Tran A Van Den Einde
Tran J Van Den Einde
Tsurukawa K Shing
Verano A Krysl
Walsh T Morrison
Wang C Loh
Wang A Morrison
Watson J Loh
West B Todd
Wiggers De Souza C Kim H.
Wilson L Morrison
Wong R Mosqueda
Wong A Tsampras
Wu Z Todd
Wu R Uang
Xiao A Zhu
Yang Y Todd
Yarahuaman Chamorro A McCartney
Yekta D Semnani
Yescas J Uang
Yi H Qiao
Yoo Y Shing
Zapata J Tsampras
Zare Hosseinzadeh A Lanza di Scalea
Zayed M Elgamal
Zhang M Kim H.
Zhang Y Chen
Zhang J Hutchinson
Zhao X Loh

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